of the good life

It was an almost-perfect moment, the ocean opening up to my left, a curvy road ahead, sunny day, roof down on the Golf and excellent music playing on the CD player… after a weekend spent in a nature reserve catching up with very special friends, life has been really good today.

We walked, we talked, we swam, braaied and had strawberries. Red wine (Canadian nogal!), down time and laughter. We even got to watch tortoises mate before he started to charge us… very interesting indeed…

But driving home in this very positive space I thought about how cyclical life is – the good is followed by the bad and the bad is followed by the good. not that I’m expecting a horrible week, or something bad to happen soon, but in general.

I was in such a good frame of mind, that I couldn’t help thinking how much better it was than the time I’d considered ending it all (admittedly a brief, yet life-changing consideration) or the time I received that lovely letter from the taxman asking for R99’900… here I was, roof down, sun up, sounds on, smile on. Only thing missing was a gorgeous guy next to me… but that will no doubt change soon too 

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