of banks and sms’s

i am happy to announce that i received 2 sms’s from Standard Bank yesterday informing me that i had used my credit card.

this is something i had to ask them twice to do, more than 12 months ago…

hmm, now that is not what i would exactly call “Motivated.” on their part…

at least it’s working now.

One thought on “of banks and sms’s

  1. A few days ago I put a rather substantial amount on hubbie’s credit card (on-line). Then waited for him to phone me to say he received an SMS or phonecall from the bank … Nothing! That’s FNB for you.

    Although, I must say, that a year ago when in the middle of the night I booked (an even larger amount) overseas hotels on MY credit card, and they phone me immediately. So I don’t know whether they have a limit after which they do phone?

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