of chest hair and cashiers

i had a rather bizarre experience at the supermarket this evening… something i still don’t quite understand, even though friends have some theories (which are diametrically opposed to my thoughts…).

i have no shame in admitting that i have some hair on my chest. and yes, i am well aware that in an open- necked shirt there is a tuft which shows. nothing wrong with that, right?

wrong! if you shop at Pick ‘n Pay Canal Walk…

imagine my surprise when i am told by the cashier, in between the beeps of items being scanned, “you’re hairy.” i glance at her, not quite believing, or understanding, what she said. she looks serious though.

maybe if i ignore her she’ll not say anything else.

“do you feel alright?” she asks, as she packs the last goodies into a bag.

no, i wasn’t in the happiest frame of mind (thanks to Vodacom…) so i say, “yeah i’m fine” without much conviction or enthusiasm – but enough to not start a discussion.

“…or do you feel like an animal?” she finishes.

inside, i was standing there with my mouth agape in total disbelief at her question.

outwardly i ignored it completely.

a part of me wanted to go and complain to the manager, but i wasn’t in the mood, and is it worth getting her into trouble for. but i am still stunned.

a friend told me tonight that, “you know she was flirting with you, right?” but i don’t buy that for a second… because if she was, she’s worse than me at flirting, and i’m pretty bad. but that is certainly not the way to address a stranger, let alone a customer…


2 thoughts on “of chest hair and cashiers

  1. Well, look at it this way: She was envious!
    After all, it’s rather sexy [I think “bare”/unhairy male chests are putting most women off].

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