Brandon Huntley – refugee from what, exactly?

In response to a report in the Ottawa Sun that Canada has granted a certain Brandon Huntley refugee status, I sent the newspaper editor a letter, which you will find below.

Dear Editor,

As someone who has visited Canada many times, and has family there, I have always held Canada in high regard – and certainly was glad that it was a country more aware of the rest of the world than your southern neighbour.

So it is with a mixture of sadness and anger that I read about Brandon Huntley being accorded “refugee status” in Canada based on what seems like only his word, and that of his lawyer’s wife. It is unfortunate that a larger picture was not taken into account, and that more people were not spoken to in order to get a clearer picture of the actual situation.

Yes, the crime situation is bad, but it is not targeted only at whites or only at blacks. But the crime in Washington DC or London is also bad.

Yes, many people have left the country, for whatever reason. Some of the choose to enjoy their new surroundings legally and speak highly of their previous home, yet others leave and then feel a continuous need to justify their reasons for leaving. This often happens when they realize the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side, and takes the form of highlighting all the possible negative aspects of the country they left. I suspect that émigrés from other countries also fall into one of these categories.

What really saddens me about this is that South Africa has been negatively portrayed, one-sidedly, which could have negative consequences for tourism and investment.

I certainly don’t begrudge anyone the right or desire to live wherever in the world they want to. In fact, I think that the more we move around the better we will all understand each other. It is unfortunate when it is done in an ill-informed manner at cost to others.

His portrayal of the picture does not explain why so many people are moving to South Africa as well – for personal lifestyle choices, or investing in business. It would certainly not explain why we are on track to host the Soccer World Cup next year. It would not explain why so many people are returning to South Africa from north America and Europe after having lived there for a while.

Now I only need to wish Brandon well during the 11 months of thick snow that covers Canada each year, and that he is not attacked by any of the polar bears roaming the streets. But I won’t, because I have gathered information to know that there is not that much snow, and there are no street-roaming polar bears in the cities. It is a pity that the tribunal panel chair William Davis didn’t accord South Africa the same respect of checking out the facts.

here is a link to the original article

8 thoughts on “Brandon Huntley – refugee from what, exactly?

  1. I can’t believe that the SA government is victimizing a person OUT of SA. This is the proof that whites ARE being persecuted and victimized worse in the country. If we get a job it is racist, if we have an opinion, it is racist, if our kids are doing well in school, it is racist. I left because of the persecution. No one is making it up. yes, there are plenty whites in the country, not leaving for one reason or the other, mostly the cost, but is the world going to wait till all of us are wiped out before allowing us a safe haven?
    My family and I were attacked or robbed on a regular basis. Saying it is all who suffer has some truth, but there definitely is an agenda against the whites.
    You see ANC promised the blacks all that the whites own. There is a law for AFFIRMARVE ACTION and BEE (black economic empowerment). There is also a land distribution program. The problem is, it is not happening fast enough for these people, so they are taking it into their own hands.
    A robbery is not as simple as that. There are brutal murders, hacking up of whites, slaying pets, and terrorizing and raping. The rule of thumb is to whites.
    now if a white is not allowed to get a good job, (those in the good jobs were there for a long time , or are expats), if a white is not allowed a FREE education, because the last 3 years of school will not be paid by the government, if a white can not own property without the risk of it being removed forcibly, If a white has to live behind prison bars on our houses, can not own anything valuable as it WILL be forcibly removed, If we live in fear daily, because we own a car, a TV, or another valuable item then what is persecution?
    There is a plan when Mandela dies – Whites are threatened daily with it. Our guns were redistributed to the blacks as well. When he dies, they will massacre us. All know about it and there is constant, daily propaganda, on the news, in TV programs, and everywhere, to PROMOTE white hatred. My kids weren’t even allowed to report a black in school for bullying as it was classed as racism.
    There was a small group long LONG LONG-ago who did the apartheid. It was over in 1989. Why must we suffer for THEM?

    It is not only JHb. more than one person in KZN that I know was hijacked, murdered, attacked verbally and physically…etc etc. There was a problem with racism, and the world stood up. What is different about now? Why is not ok, because someone did it long a go to them, to do EXACTLY the same to us? I thought it was a humanitarian issue, not revenge.

  2. A lot of South Africans are doing very well n Canada and NZ so why are you so worried about the snow! Would it have helped if he reported any instance to the police??? They know EXACTLY what is going on and doing nothing about it so why report?

    • thank you for your comments Emma and Melony

      @ Emma: the snow comment was sarcastic 🙂 many people think there is 11 months of snow, but there isn’t. i was trying to make a point about generalising without finding out.

      And yes, reporting any crime to the police is essential. Firstly, you won’t get an insurance pay out if you don’t; secondly, if you don’t report the crime, it looks like there is less crime happening, and the police budget may be reduced or not increased. Thirdly, it is the correct thing to do, even if they cannot catch every one – but occassionally they do find a multiple perpertrator, and then your case might be solved through that.

      @ Melony: i have no problem with anyone leaving the country – but i do have a problem with someone bad-mouthing it in order to gain entry to another country on false grounds. i don’t think anyone can justifiably say that there is a vendetta against white people in this country. Yes, Julius Malema the loud mouth spouts silly comments from time to time about race, but who takes him seriously anyway?

      If the ANC, under Mbeki or Zuma, wanted to have a go at the white, they could have done that a long time ago. But it hasn’t been done.

      And can you honestly say that Affirmative action and BEE, in it’s purest form, is a bad thing? Sure, the implementation has been a little lop-sided (too few people getting the benefit of BEE, and it not being broad-based) but the idea is a good one. And then please explain how come there are still so many white people successfully employed in this country – self or otherwise.

      i don’t know of a single white person that has been forcibly removed from their homes or land in SA. Zim, yes, but not SA. And while we all know of a white person that’s been attacked or murdered, there are many more fellow citizens of a darker hue that have had the same or worse.

      it’s not perfect in SA, but it sure as hell ain’t hell!

  3. I live in ottawa as well.stayed in the USA.I know that crime is high in SA but also in some countries.I would not forget one day in london on a visit,while playing with my Phone from Japan,some one told me to hide it.was so schocked.Also,here in canada there are many incidents of crime here.Only thing I can say is that this is racism from the Canadian Immigration board judge,Brandon and his lawyer; kaplan. I can assure you that if this case was a black person’s case,the Immigration 80% would reject the claim. based on the fact that this guy was so desperate to get stay in canada.was ilegal for more than a year,married etc.
    But the funny time is that Life in canada is not even better that SA apart from lower crime rate that SA.Job issue here in canada is even slavery.Like Brandon is unemployed and being fed by his fomer wife.there are many racial attacks on blacks and other asians in canada.last 2 months 3 white men attacked a black guy and called him slave. Why didn’t the black guy seek asylum in US?
    SA is not US or Canada. It takes time to develop but the SA govt need to step up! and shame these racist alliance.All I can say is that they are not happy to see that South Africa is going to Host the world cup.they thought Sa would by now become like ZIm .And here in Canada,about 80% of SA immigrants are not finding the grass greener. they become bitter.

  4. I left a comment a week or two ago. I guess it was censored.

    Anyway, perhaps you are not interested in opposing views, from people with documented evidence of thousands of pages, from 7 years, which documents all that Huntley’s argument says.

    Lots of people do not want to discuss evidence, only opinions. They don’t want to take a look at evidence, and go through it, particularly if they know the executive summary of the evidence, says that their particular ‘belief’ is based on illusions, and not reality.

    So, I am simply attempting to clarify whether those here, are interested in enquiring into evidence; or simply venting their illusions?

  5. hello – i have been away for a few days, and have not seen any other comments but the two above.
    while i do not allow spam in my comments, i am certainly not going to delete a comment that i may not agree with – so if you care to re-send it, i would be happy to hear.
    i’m sorry if it somehow didn’t make it.

  6. ADT,

    Hi, thanks for response. Actually I would not have noticed my comment disapearing or whatever, if I had not received the update with the new latest comment, in my email. So I came to reply and then noticed that my original comment (actually was about 2 or 3 weeks ago) either did not make it, or perhaps some kind of mistake. anyway, no worries.

    It is clear Mark’s views of the South African goverment and mine are like chalk is to cheese; but then his is perhaps from reading the newspapers, and mine is from direct experience with the baboons. Actually, calling them baboons is an insult to baboons. Baboons do not rape their new born babies…

    Anyway… all for now.

  7. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

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