the selfishness of road users

we’ve all come to expect bad driving, and more-clogged roads when it’s wet – and boy has it been raining over night. so i wasn’t surprised to find the roads resembling arteries heading for a heart attack.

but what drives me insanely mad is the continued selfishness of road users, when we are all in the same boat.

i can deal with taxi drivers and their erratic driving – we should all be used to that by now anyway.

i can also usually deal with the normally-ok-drivers who slow…to…a…crawl…cos…they’re…on…their…cellphone…

i can even deal with the ocassional person pushing into a long queue at the very last minute before the solid line appears.

but i absolutely cannot handle it when some selfish idiot drives into a traffic intersection knowing full well they can’t get out on the other end before their light turns red. this leaves them stuck in the middle, often having been followed by other non-thinking sheep, and together they block the intersection completely for the cross traffic.

the favourite place for this to happen is at the corner of klipfontein and milner roads – where the red cross children’s hospital is.

this morning, milner road was blocked for 2 cycles of the traffic lights.

eventually, i pushed my way through the little gaps, which seems to have upset the inital aggitators a bit – which in turn baffles me.

why is it that people so often don’t think about the effects of their actions?

One thought on “the selfishness of road users

  1. … and here everybody thought to get all the events of the 4 x stuck car in the moonlight in Mozambique … and more of the country! ;-(

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