did your cellphone date reset overnight?

i haven’t overslept in years.

i’ve struggled to get out of bed, and had to rush. but i haven’t, in many many years, woken up 15 minutes after i was meant to be at work… and that is what happened today.

the basic reason is quite simple: the alarm didn’t go off, because the “workday” repeated alarm doesn’t go off on a sunday.

And for some reason, the phone had the date, this morning (monday, 29 June 2009) programmed as “Sun 28.06.2009”.

iknow that on friday the date was correct, because the reminders went off as planned.

and i know that i didn’t reset the date.

so, did the vodacom network somehow reset the date on my phone? i didn’t think of this option seriously, until a colleague mentioned that her husband had the same thing happen…

is it possible for a cellphone network to change the date on a user’s handset?

is this a problem related to the nokia navigator i’m using?

my gut feel says “no”, but what is the explanation then…


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