RIP Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett

it is ingrained in me to support the underdog. the one who doesn’t get as much support or recognition as the others.

my instinct therefore is to make sure that the death of farah fawcett is not completely over-shadowed by that of michael jackson.

but i can’t keep it up for long. hell, if i’m honest, i probably wouldn’t actually have been able to tell you her name if i was shown a picture of farah before today. yet it seems almost unfair, somehow, doesn’t it?

but whether you looked his music or not (or should i say admitted it or not…) you have to admit he was instrumental in shaping the music industry as we know it, and has been the backing music to memorable moments for many many people.

i think of a friend’s wedding where i ‘caught’ the groom on video doing a solo dance for his bride on the dance floor to billie jean – so completely engrossed that he had become unaware of the wedding guests watching him.

he created memorable dance moves, great music videos, and excellent tunes. he was able to reinvent himself so many times in his long career. much like madonna, the variety in his music, his videos, his type of song, even his looks means he was constantly interesting.

his passing for the generation of 25 to 45 year olds must be as big as the passing of his ex-father-in-law elvis, or john lennon to previous generations. the big difference now, though, being the immediacy of the information. within minutes the world knew about it, and radio stations were playing his tunes. websites crashed with info-seekers. news websites without updates, historical overviews or pictures of crying fans were ignored and then quickly updated.

on my way home i could drive almost the whole way listening only to michael’s songs, just by switching between stations when a song ended. as i sit here writing this, i’m listening to german radio over the internet – one of the stations has an only-michael-jackson channel on the web. tv station personnel have been frantically putting together michael jackson specials to be aired this evening, the regular schedule being put on hold. as was the case with diana and the queen mother – the obits and specials had been written for the queen mum ages, but not for diana. were they sitting ready and waiting for the king of pop? or was there a quick scramble?

of course, the jokes started almost immediately as well – a strange human way of dealing with such matters. anything from turning him into lego to whether he will be cremated or recycled…

we shouldn’t really be surprised, should we…

south africa’s own satirical website, had this to say – quite clever 🙂

his death doesn’t affect my life directly, but it really is very weird to realise every so often, that michael jackson is no more. that there will be no more songs, that he went so early.

rip michael, and farah

2 thoughts on “RIP Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett

  1. The same thing (almost) happened in 1997 – Mother Teresa died a week after Lady Di, without nearly as much press coverage.

    Even though her death was as significant, the sad thing is that if you ask me when Mother Teresa died, I can only remember if I use Lady Di as a frame of reference.

    • this raises an interesting question about the meaning (or meanings) of the term “significance”. If the death of Mother Teresa is of the same significance, in all eyes, as that of Princess Di, then surely it should have received the same coverage. Can an event be mroe significant to some than to others? The death of Di was obviously more significant to society at large, but i suppose that may have rested on the facts that she was young, was more visible in the media, and that there her manner of dying was more complicated.
      good point though!

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