which of your senses?

if you had to give up one of your senses, which would be the most difficult one to lose?

for me, taste or touch would be the easiest; the difficult choice comes with being blind, deaf or mute. it’s a tough choice to decide between one of those 3.

it probably boils down to a match between hearing the laughter of someone you love versus being able to look into their eyes. hearing the flow of water over a rock, versus seeing a beautiful waterfall… tough choice.

i saw the movie blindness last night, and i think it helped me decide that i would rather lose my hearing than my vision. there is still so much you can do, see, experience, which becomes difficult when you’re blind. you can still read, appreciate beautiful nature and watch rain run down a pane of glass.

it is movie that is disturbing in parts, especially seeing how human interaction is depicted as changing when the government of the time reacts to people randomly going blind. only one person remains sighted. it is both disturbing and absolutely fascinating.

i’d surely miss hearing all my favourite sounds – and there is certainly not enough emphasis given to aural favourites. but please let me keep my vision.

which sense would you least like to lose, and why?

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