cape talk radio – it’s back!

i’m so happy… after 2 months of owning my new (second hand) car, i can finally listen to cape talk again 🙂 it really is my preferred station while driving, and i’ve missed it.

my car didn’t have an aerial, so there was very poor reception (except on rqiny days on the freeway… honestly…). it’s strange, because every single golf 3 cabriolet i test drove before buying this one, did not have an aerial. it’s like there’s an aeriel thief out there with a golf cabriolet fetish…

and the even better part is that i asked them to check the air conditioning and give me a quote on fixing that. i’d had a quote of R5000 previously, to replace the condenser and a pipe of some sort.

but this guy tightened the pipe, re-gassed it and has it working 100% for under R500. bonus!

and just in time for winter, too.

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