land of thirst

i got home last night with an incredibly painful cricked neck, a car full of compost & window blinds, 2 newly framed pieces of art and a new new haircut.

all i wanted was to eat, take the painkillers (“to be taken with food”) , maybe take a bath, and watch an episode of “land of thirst”, which a friend of mine wrote and directed.

but as i am off to durban in 3 days, i also needed to do the dishes. and the laundry. and water the new garden. aargh.

but with the washing in the machine, half the dishes done, and the (new) sprinkler sprinkling away outside i sat down with plate of food to watch one 48 minute episode before i take a bath and put a happy hugger on my neck.

but, apart from a quick hang-up-laundry-break, and a get-desert-break i found myself still sitting there almost 3 hours later, not able to pull myself away from the 3 episode mini-series.

it’s such a beautifu story about love and life in the karoo many many many years ago. in the time of “natives” and the native land act, in the time of tuberculosis and consumption, in the time of gentlemen and uncomfortable piano-evenings.

i found myself engrossed by the stunning scenery, by the recognition of certain spots where filming took place.

also by the awkwardness of some the characters (like the doctor’s wife, and her worries), and by the self-assuredness of some of the other characters (like paul).

it has been so well put together, i so enjoyed watching it – thanks meg for bringing to life a time in our history that too many of our fellow-citizens still remember, but which too few know about.

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