on the hassle of undesirable tasks

it’s seldom as much hassle as you think it is (going to be).

i’ve realized lately that there is some truth to this statement, and that it applies to many many things in life. be it from making that call you’ve been putting off, to replying to an e-mail of a difficult client, to sending a birthday card a few days ahead so it arrives in time or to doing the dishes.

it’s seldom as bad as you expect.

i have a love hate relationship with doing the dishes. i think i don’t like doing them – so they stack up for a couple of days. unless i’ve entertained, i don’t necessarily use a lot of dishes, so it only starts looking bad after a few days. (lest you think i’m filthy and it starts to smell, i do rinse bowls and plates before stacking them!).

so, when it reaches the point of no-more, i psych myself up, roll up my sleeves and settle in to tackle the piles of plates, et al.

and invariably, i find that 10 minutes later i’m done.

so, not only do i now have a sense of achievement by seeing clean crockery on the side of the sink, but it’s taken substantially less time than i feared.

the laundry is another case in point: i timed that today as well: in the 2 minutes and 30 seconds that it took the microwave to heat up my leftovers for dinner i managed to take all the laundry off the washing line. it seems like a schlep to get the basket, open the door, go outside, un-peg everything and fold it into the basket. but it only took 2 ½ minutes!

of course… now i’m sitting with a basket of laundry in the bedroom, waiting to be packed into the cupboard…

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