my state of being

at the beginning of the year i made a pledge with myself that i would not complain as much as i have done in the pasty and focus on the positive. And if things were shit, that i could acknowledge them to myself (and occassionally to others – we are after all out there to assist each other), but not to dwell on them or allow them to take over my entire mental being.

and this pledge to myself seems to be working!

i was thinking these last few days (in bed and en route to my happy place – the cederberg) that i was am having a good year.

i have not been nearly as stressed as last year (in fact hardly).

i have been in a good mood 99% of the time.

i’m enjoying my work.

i’m feeling more creative.

i am largely happy with who and how i am.

i can say that i am content at the moment.

and it’s a wonderful feeling 🙂


long may it last!!

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