on being close to nature and weekends away

weekends away are so important. especially when they feel like they go on forever, and you’re with good friends. whil i would rather still be there than at my desk, we did have a fabulous time.

above all, it was hot. very hot. many of us are sunburnt from swimming in a dam, but that didn’t detract from the ice-cold beach swim, the braai and potjie we had or the hours of boggle that we played.

i even managed to fulfill a dream of mine when we saw an amazing thunderstorm come along – it lasted a good hour and a half, and i finally had the opportunity to stand in the dark garden in the middle of the thunderstorm and pouring rain… you feel so close to nature that way, and it was wonderful for my soul. a real recharge.

as always, of course, we lamented that we don’t do this going-away often enough – and undertook (verbally at least) to rectify that. i know i want to. now that i can more easily slip away this year, i fully intend to do that. in fact, that reminds me, i need to start planning my first “soloweekendaway” soon…

aahh… friends and weekends somewhere else… that’s life…

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