a send off for joe

it felt like he was in the lounge, on his comfy chair, cigarette twixt his fingers, the hands gesticulating, explaining a bat or an idea to one of the people around him.  it felt like one of the many parties this home has seen in the past – the same faces, the familiar tunes in the background. there was one face missing though – and that is whom we had all come together to celebrate.

it was joe’s wish that his body is donated to science, and that after the memorial service there is to be a party celebrating life. his life, but also each one of our own, i imagine.

and that is what his 4 fabulous daughters pulled together. bottles of bubbly, plates of cheese, bread and spread… all part of a recipe that each corner of the home filled with people till almost midnight.

the ‘girls’ had each read something in church, the priest accidentally re-assigned joe’s only grand-daughter to  her aunt (amid many smiles) and then at the house a few of us shared stories of how joe had influenced our lives, what impact he had had. and it was far greater than some of us even realised. the generosity of spirit, the patient teacher encouraging a student with potential to maximise his or her creative spirit, the helping hand to those in need, the list goes on.

he was a good man, and will be missed by many friends, and 4 adoring daughters.

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