something that made me smile today

the cutest thing happened this evening, while we were taking a walk along the promenade, here in sea point. you know, the sea front with the grassy areas where people play soccer, lie & read, walk their dogs, run, gossip, catch up, try to get thin at boot camp, and and and…

we were walking along the grassy area, when this dachshund suddenly runs up to me and drops the tennis ball from his mouth, at my feet. his owner, with ball-throwing-gadget in hand, was a couple of feet behind me, but poochy made a beeline for me.

i picked up the slightly moist ball and threw it, watching him dash after it. smiling, we continued walking.

only to be stopped a minute later by another soggy ball drop.

i threw the ball again, in another direction, smiled and kept walking.

and then ne came one last time, having run quite far actually, this time approaching from behind, to ask me to throw the ball one more time.

that really made me smile – so cute, and just wanting to play 

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