i have a dream

while on a plane recently i saw something that inspired me again to try and follow a dream i have had for a very long time. i don’t feel like i’ve had many dreams to try and follow the last few years, but this one has been rekindled.

i think it’s the beginning of more dreaming to come. it better be, because it is a difficult dream to fulfill, so i need to have some others too.

i saw an article on the jumbo hostel at the airport in stockholm. it’s an old boeing 747 that’s been converted into a hostel. lots of rooms inside, a cafe, and a terrace on the left wing.

for the longest time, and some of you won’t be surprised, knowing my love of aeroplanes, i have thought that it would be the best thing to have an empty plot of land onto which i would park an aeroplane, and live in it. i have a couple of ideas for the interior re-fitting in mind, and would also use at least one wing for a balcony of sorts.

i just need to find an old 747 jumbo jet. that would be my favourite, but any jet from the late 60’s onwards would work… it’s just a matter of finding one!

so, if anyone knows of an abandoned plane, preferably in south or southern africa, let me know! (you’d then automatically jump to first on the housewarming invitation list!)

One thought on “i have a dream

  1. there is a a plane junk yard somewhere in the US desert. I took a bus trip past it in ’03. Pretty way out place to retire. Many homes to choose from

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