is this heaven?

i think that adults can be too stuck up. they don’t let go enough.

i’ve been excited like a child since yesterday. it was not certain that i would make it to toronto yesterday. what with the snow storm that was expected. but i did.

my bag didn’t. so i spent my first 24 hours in an average of -12C with my summery trousers. but that didn’t stop me from shovelling 30cm deep snow this morning. or walking through parts of downtown sightseeing. from going up the cn tower for a fantastic high view over snow-covered toronto.

the airline finally brought my bag this evening, so now i can wear more warmer things 🙂

my parents also didn’t make it. the airline hasn’t brought them yet. but they have been re-booked to arrive tomorrow. the univers has also re-booked the next snow-storm for tomorrow. it’s already slowly started arriving.

i’m excited for more snow. i’m less excited about the fact that my parents may not make it again. but it’s all part of the adventure.

i’m just loving all  the snow, the christmas lights in the early evening and all of that…

aah, heaven is a mighty cold place right now.

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