should i smile or should i cry now?

i sit in a quandary.

apart from how much i love that word, i sit not knowing whether to smile or cry. my holiday may come to an abrupt temporary-stop tomorrow morning.

i have just discovered, that toronto is expecting a major snow storm tomorrow, which happens to coincide with my arrival date into that canadian city. air canada has issued a travel advisory suggesting that you travel earlier if you can.

my quandary is such:

my holiday may get off to a stacatto start after i reach frankfurt. which is not what i planned (cry?).

as someone who thrives on new experiences, i am however intrigued at exeriencing a weather delay (smile?).

i have handled aircraft delays for others, but never been in it myself. so it would be kind of interesting.

that’s the thing about travelling – it gets me excited like a child – something we don’t allow ourselves to do often enough. we are so worked up on things going according to plan (i know i am guilty of this!!!!!!!) that we seldom allow ourselves to flow with the situation if it is out of our control.

i’d like to think i will take it all in my stride if there is a delay, because there is nothing i would be able to do. i don’t want to be one of those a*hole clients that i have had to deal with in the past 🙂

anyway – i will be on holiday, so no rush to get there for anything big like a wedding or such. just as long as i make it by christmas, and see the family and friends.

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