the time has come…

… the bags are packed, the alarm clock set, the lift arranged. the dishes washed, the curtains closed, the bags weighed, the car locked, the stove switched off.


ok, so i have to put in several hours at the office tomorrow, handing over files, that i don’t yet fully understand (in my new position) to colleagues that are not yet back from leave, or about to depart. files that have deadlines for 2 days after i return. saying goodbye to a dear friend at work who won’t be there when i return. and finishing off as much as possible, to avoid handing over anything.

but in 24 hours from now, i will be in the plane, watching a movie, deciding whether i should sleep, or take in another movie…. read or snooze… and can i get over my neighbour to get to the loo without waking them…?

but before all of that, i need to finish backing up the pc, get some sleep, do some work, get some meds from the pharmacy and have lunch with a friend who will be in town only tomorrow.

i received a photo today of the cabin in canada that i will be spending a few days at… -30C, about 30cm of snow, forests in white… exactly what i have been dreaming of. a winter wonderland. i did a little jig of joy in the office while no-one was watching. excited like a kid 🙂

and apart from seeing my cousins and uncle & aunt for the first time in 6 years, i will also see a friend i haven’t seen in 11 years. that’s a hell of a long time. neither of us can believe it is happening…

in german they have a saying “die vorfreude ist die beste freude” – translated literally, it would be “the pre-joy is the best joy”, i.e. anticipation of something is the best type of joy. even more than what you are anticipating. i can certainly feel that now.

and not only for the snow. the family and the friends.

i’m mad about airports and flying. so if i can look forward to 11 flights on 6 airlines, through 9 airports and 7 countries, i am going to be very excited. i love spending time at airports, seeing the happy faces, balancing out the sad ones. seeing the different nationalities of people walking around. seeing the different magazines in the bookshops.

and i really miss the old “tick-tick-tick-tick-tick” flight indicator boards… that unique sound moving the destination up the board, and adding a new one at the bottom. it gave the airport an added sense of moving destinations – a place of movement to and from destinations. a joining of the corners of the globe. i can stare at the screens for ages, looking at where the craft are coming from, and wondering where they are all connecting to.

i can spend even more time watching the planes come and go, load and unload, carry tales of far off exotic places.

aahhh… i can feel my soul will be replenished on this trip. i will have an oportunity to live in the moment.

that is one of the most important parts of travel for me – being able to, even forced to, live in the moment. my everyday doesn’t really allow that. so i am looking forward to that 🙂

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