zimbabwe – the end? (again?)

i just read an article which described the worsening situation in zimbabwe due to the 231’000’000% inflation. this means that prices double every 24 hours.
the currency has allegedly been halving in value every 10 minutes or so.

what baffles me though, is a phrase like this one,” zimbabwe is on the verge of collapse.”

maybe i’m missing something, but if a country is suffering the above economic disaster (“woes” is not an option in this situation), cholera has infected about 13’000 people, over 500 have died (and possibly more), there is seldom electricity or fresh water and people with water are re-using bath water for 3 or 4 additional purposes – what is left to collapse?

what has to happen for the world to say “enough”?

i truly hope that the world powers push through on their threats to topple the tyrant. i really do.

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