what a wonderful weekend

there are 2 ways to look at the past weekend.

either i can moan that i was more tired at the end than at the beginning. that i didn’t finish the painting i was planning on doing, and that i didn’t finish the christmas gifts i’m making. and that my cricked-neck was in severe pain most of saturday.

or, i can realise that it was a fantabulous weekend.

i was lying in bed last night, thinking (as i do when i try to fall asleep). thinking about what made it stick out as being a great weekend.

i think one reason is that i spent a lot of time outdoors. I used a lot of what cape town has to offer, and i spent time with good friends and my brother.

i started the weekend catching up with r.h. while walking along the sea point promenade. always a hit at the end of the day, great for a chat, people watching and ogling the ocean.

followed by some me-time at home watching a dvd on the couch.

saturday i sorted out a small problem with my motorbike (don’t you love it when the mechanics fix something small quick-quick and don’t want to charge you? i had no clue what to do, and within 5 minutes it was sorted).

then m.g. and i went and played in the waves at muizenberg. we wanted to go surfing, but the waves weren’t really playing along. so i managed to stand up once, and spent some fun time in the sea and sun. after coffee joined by l.r. and s, we headed home. i bought some paint, and attacked the last of the outside wallspace.

i stopped painting short of the end, because i was about to fall over with exhaustion… but i will try and do that tonight!

then a movie at that old cape town stalwart, the labia, in town.

sunday morning was another highlight: brunch on chapman’s peak with a whole bunch of friends. we all brought something to share – and relaxed with this incredible view. last time i arranged this we were almost blown off the mountain it was so windy. but this time – it was so still. not a breath of wind. the azure blue waters of hout bay below, the chatter of friends, and the flutter of begging birds. it was too beautiful.

followe by n.b.’s 1st birthday party in the afternoon (sugar rush), a nap and an attack on the christmas presents.

and then the coup de grace – sushi at willoughby & co. in the same way that the wooden shoe does the best steaks, willoughby & co in the waterfront do the very best sushi i have ever tasted. consistently. what a super ending to a weekend 🙂

(of course, monday was ruined when i stepped on the scale at the gym and realised to my horror, that i have reached a new collection-of-ten in weight terms… my worst ever… time to cut the fat and wheat again. lovely time of year for it too…)

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