it’s so quiet here…

now that i am on day 3 of new job, i can give some feedback.

it’s quiet here!

having sat in an open plan office for 3 years, i was quite excited to get away from the radios and inane chatter of thos around you. but now that i have been in an office with only one other person (who exclaims, “only 7 days!” every time she speaks to a friend) i can state that i (almost) miss the noise and background indication of life.

but i am a lot more relaxed (so far) and sleeping, going to the theatre and going for dinner are so much more pleasurable now that i don’t have an extra telephone attached to the hip.

it will get busier when my predecessor leaves, because handing over is not easy, and one does learn more on the job.

so it’s still a good move 🙂

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