it has begun

i’m in my new (temporary) office and the new life has begun 🙂

i have changed my signature, deleted old e-mail stuff, am changing e-mail forwarding rules, have a bigger chair (very important!).

and i have handed my emergency cellphone away. not without a last dig my loving (!?) parents…

they have been so very good that in the 3 years i had the phone, they didn’t call me. they had been briefed that it is only to be used in matters of life or death. apparently telling me, at 23h40 last night, that i would only have the phone for another 20 minutes was a matter of life and death.

quite aside from the fact that i don’t start work at midnight. i also didn’t arrange a clandestine meeting with a colleague in a dark alley to hand over the phone at midnight… so in fact i had the phone for another 9 hours. one doesn’t realise, unless one has the phone, that when it rings the adrenaline immediately starts pumping, scenarios of possible reasons for the call fly around your brain, and then it takes a while for all this to subside once the call is done.

anyway… i shall forgive.

and i have already planned to go surfing on saturday. something i have wanted to do for a long long time, but which has been prevented largely by the telephone.



now, wish me luck in the new position – here goes…

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