sad, happy, happy


it’s so mixed of emotion, isn’t it?

so i still sit here at my “old desk” for the last time… i have moved all my things over to the other side of the office… chucked out things, and gave them away. emptied drawers and said my farewells…

it’s quite sad leaving the “known” to jump into the “unknown”… the people you’ve learnt to work with, helped to grow, taught, learnt to love, learnt to get on with.

on the other hand i am so so excited for the change, the chance to be motivated again, the chance to have a new boss that is really nice, and very knowledgeable… to learn more – tasks, info and people

i got a call this afternoon from one of our suppliers that i get on with quite well, and she was ecstatic on the phone about my move, so very chuffed for me. got me excited all over again 🙂

the other awesome news, is that i have just officially cleared my credit card debt! it’s taken a few months of dedication and sacrifice. i had a plan, and i stuck to it.

the two things that helped me the most were these:

1. i took my credit card out of my wallet. if i don’t have it with me, i can’t use it on any purchases. i need to draw the money at an atm, and see the balance drop everytime. because you don’t realise how quickly “little” R80 purchases add up…

2. i wrote down every cent that i spend. and, more importantly, i wrote down every cent i didn’t spend. i had a page with 2 columns – one for what i spent. and every time i wanted to or would have bought something, and stopped myself, i wrote that down as a ‘saving’. a pizza here, a book there, a magazine or a sandwich. it’s remarkable how quickly that adds up…

and in that way i have, with a few months of tougher living, cleared my debt. so that the only “debt” i have now is my house bond.

i’m pretty proud of myself.

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