on changes and anticipation

so i have 2 working days left in my current position, which means that i have been frantically sorting out my desk and e-mail to get rid of unnecessary papers… and it is quite remarkable how much one does amass! and how good it feels to get rid of it… aahh!

i’m also at the point where i am doing something and find myself realising that “this is the last time i’m doing this…” this is often followed a very loud insied-the-head “yay!”…

i realised on the weekend that i wasn’t really that excited for my trip… i was looking forward to it, sure, on a basic level. but i wasn’t excited!. and it finally struck me that while i am still trying to work out what to do for christmas presents, and don’t have clarity on that, i cannot get excited about that.

weird, hey? now that i have most of them sorted, and my first few days in canada seem sorted out, so now that i have a plan ( 🙂 ) i can start getting excited!

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