paper paper everywhere…

it always leaves me with good intentions.

unfortunately these intentions almost always fall to the way-side after about 2 or 3 months.

and then after 6 (or in this case 12!) months i finally put the box on the dining room table, put some music on, take a deep breath and dig in. Oh, and a glass of red helps too.

and so the opening of envelopes, punching of holes and sorting into piles and finally filing into files begins. of bank statements, insurance updates, telephone accounts & payslips.

last night i also chucked out everything dated 2003 and earlier (i think i need to keep things for 5 years?) – which left me with a mass of paper on the dining room floor.

but it also leaves you with a sense of achievement – ‘cos you can see what you have done (or dumped). thank heavens i recycle, i cannot imagine putting all that paper into the bin…

that leaves tonight to sort out the last “papers” – things that aren’t bills, like updating my will, filing my writing, and the odd hand-written letter i have. i find myself not knowing where to put those. there isn’t a neat electronic folder to file them…

and the other upside is that my “study” (a.k.a. the dump-it space) is looking at lot more like a room!

3 thoughts on “paper paper everywhere…

  1. I can sure relate to that… must be easier with a dining room table than trying to do it on your bed.

    One question… on the recycling… something my Mom asks me… she feels a need to shred those papers she is getting rid of, like the over 5-years-old paperwork. But how does one put that in the recycle bin so that it won’t fly all over the place with the slightest wind? They don’t want paper in plastic grocery bags any more… we don’t get the paper ones… my suggestion to Mom was to wrap it in newspaper with string or perhaps a couple staples. I remember from my engineering chemistry course, that in recycling paper there is a stage where they remove impurities like staples and paper clips… and they have to from many inserts…

    Anyhow that is the problem and my suggestion? Do you have any?

    ~ Dusty
    D Cluttermouse

  2. if you can’t get paper bags to put it in, then i would suggest tying it with string. staples are a mission to remove, and probably not a good idea fo thick bundles.
    where i take my paper, i arrive with a big box and tip the paper onto their sorting table, and they take it from there. and i reuse the box all the time. good luck!

  3. Hi!

    It sounds good on paper. 🙂

    But Mom and Dad — as do I — live in an area where we have community recycling and we put our recycling out in rectangular blue plastic tubs. (recyclable themselves and made from post production and recycled materials) The tubs don’t have lids and you are to put them out the night before… Stacks of newspaper in the tug are pretty secure especially with a few jars on top — but the shredded paper she worries will get strewn by the wind. …mind you there might be some lucky mice or birds in the area looking for nesting material.

    I am thinking you could probably wrap the stuff in newspaper without staples or string… but without buying paper bags… can’t see any other way. I should get mom to make paper maché mice!

    ~ Dusty

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