apparently i am god

it’s not every day that one is accused of being god. but it does happen, and today is the third time it’s happened to me. and it is not nearly as enviable a position as you might think it is.


you see, the accusation normally centres around weather, tourists and change. usually a situation where the weather and a tourist don’t agree. where change is inevitable, and where the tourist needs someone to blame. (in today’s case it was the rain of the last days causing the problem. i have also been held responsible for the beach on plettenberg bay no longer being present, and for the cyclone in madagascar that flattened a hotel.)


so it is that today we had clients who couldn’t go to a certain town that was cut off due to flooding. as this is an act of god, alternative arrangements would need to be paid by themselves. which is something tourists seldom enjoy doing.


and so it is that i had the typical “give me that phone” scenario where the wife doesn’t like how the husband is handling the situation (read: not getting the result she demands) and then takes over the phone with the line, ”what seems to be the problem here?”


at that point i repeat myself that she needs to pay her accommodation tonight herself. this is because the rain and flooding are out of our control. long story short, she “doesn’t care” and the fact that i can’t control the rain “is not my problem” – but she is not paying. add a good dose of whinging about something else, throw a “contact my lawyer” for some intimidation and then demand to speak to your boss, even though it is well after office hours.


and then when i offer to pay (to get her off my back), she has the fucking cheek to say, “well, see, we could find a solution then. i’m glad we could agree on this. i wish you a wonderful evening.”


lady, you have no idea …


of course this was followed by an english gentleman who was equally disappointed by my lack of control over the weather.


they really think we do this on purpose? book them into areas on purpose that they cannot reach?


anyway, the evening improved slightly when we went to see some really superb amateur theatre at the masque in muizenberg. “old wicked songs” was so very enjoyable – well done to all!

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