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one down, 2 to go…

i decided that this was the week i would take control of the always-putting-it-off admin that i should have done weeks ago.

so, this morning i finally booked my motorbike driver’s licence test. and if i don’t count the waiting-outside-the-front-door-before-opening period of about 30 minutes, it took me 23 minutes to have the eye test done, book & pay for the test. 04 march 2009.

it might have taken a lot longer, but i put my foot down when i was confronted with that prospect. i’d downloaded the form one needs to complete from the internet. this meant i went straight to the eye test, without stopping at enquiries to get the green form.

arriving at the eye test station though, i was told that i need “the green form”. one quick stroll past the (very long!) enquiries queue (and not having any intentions of spending 45 minutes in that queue),  i went back to him, and said that i don’t understand why the form i had was not good enough. he told me that the green one was the official one. when i explained the length of the queue he ducked into the enquiries office via a back door and got me the form. and told me to just slip my completed downloaded-and-printed-on-white-paper form inside the folded green form; i don’t need to complete it again…

after a few more minutes of leaving me waiting (i was still the only one in the eye testing station) he did my test and was very friendly.

the booking and paying then happened at the same counter, and i thought i’d earn some brownie points by completing the green form while waiting for the payment to be processed.

so not all bad!

the next 2 steps are my passports… let’s hope they go smoothly too 🙂

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