life ain’t so bad

it’s strange that  i am finally enjoying work again. maybe because i have planning to do – for my new position. for handing over to my successor. for delegating tasks now that i won’t be able to do them anymore.


i find myself doing things i should have done ages ago… and am now forced to. but i am happy. organizing things, getting order into things. even if i am so very very busy i sometimes forget to look up and smile.


while i write here, in between waiting while my slowish internet connection brings up pages i need, i am actually completing my tax return.

i must say that south africa has got it right – made tax returns so simple that if you are able to use the internet, it doesn’t have to take more than an hour. even only a few minutes. i think it will take me about 20 minutes in total. max.


people get so worked up about tax. it’s this big demon. they try to avoid it at all costs.

personally, i don’t mind paying tax. especially now that it is so easy.


and this despite being someone with personal experience of having to pay out tax on money i never received. we can never avoid tax. we can prepare and then minimize what we pay, but we’ll never get away from it totally.


and we shouldn’t.


how else are we going to keep making the big differences we need in our awesome country?

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