it is incredible how bad the hayfever is in cape town this year. i’m not the only one that was bed-ridden for at least a part of a day because it is hitting us with such a vengeance… as much as spring has sprung, this is enough now.

even though it is quite fun sneezing in my helmet while motor-biking to work…

my new boss – i.e. the manager in the new department – called me in today to tell me that she was happy to have me on the team. she’d been away for a while, so that’s why it’s only now, but i thought that was really nice!

other than that there is soooooooo much to do – trying to finish here and prepare a handover, trying to get the work delegated away to my team, and making time to learn things for my new position. but, hey, it keeps me out of trouble!

as an aside – the most hits to this website are people doing a search for the best steak in cape town. that is still, without a doubt, the wooden shoe in sea point (ps 021 439 4435 – and no, i don’t get commission. they don’t even know i’ve put this up!)

smile 🙂

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