on a promotion and moving on

so i got it! a promotion – i finally lose the !#$%^& emergency cellphone that i have to carry 24 hours a day.

it’s also the first time that i am moving between positions within a company…

so, from 01 december i will be a product manager. this means i move from managing a reservations team to managing clients and looking after them, schmoozing, negotiating, etc etc

it’s the right move from where i am, partly because 3 years in res is enough, and because i need to develop some new skills, learn new things and grow.

i will also manage only 1 person instead of 11. and this is where a lot of less-stress will hopefully come from… as much as i love working with people, and will miss my team… i am looking forward to not having to deal immediately with as many fires created by my wonderful team.

being able to plan my day, and work on something relatively uninterruptedly. i’m hoping!

but my patience is being tested, hey. and i’m probably reacting more calmly to f**k ups because i know it’s only for another 57 days…

like the consultant that has since left, but didn’t cancel a double booking. i hate it when provisional bookings are made by our teams, with ‘artifical’  names, and then new bookings are made for the updated dates of travel, under the correct names. and the ‘artificially’ named booking is not cancelled.

so we sit with cancellation fees because 2 rooms were held, and the one set of clients didn’t pitch up… aaargh!

anyway…. breathe in, breathe out… and think of the future… and start planning your handover!!

3 thoughts on “on a promotion and moving on

  1. do you speak from experience dusty?
    i may need to find an old one – would be a great symbolic act!! thanks for te esuggestion 🙂

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