almost friday

so it is almost friday opn a week when i have done nothing but go home and watch dvd’s every evening (except last night). funny, when i feel i have lods of money for the month, i would hate to do that. but if i am needing to save money, it’s so easy to veg at home… funny…

i’m frantically working on my special project for my boss that had its deadline reduced from 6 weeks to 6 days with the read-between-the-lines message that i should really try do get this done, so they can give me feedback on my job application by the end of next week already.

if they can’t i’ll need to wait till the middle of november. and honestly, that would not benefit anyone. the person leaving has one foot on the beach already, dammit. how do i learn from someone like that?

anyway, heading onto my bike now – at least the weather is playing along 🙂

what bugged me today: clients arriving and complaing about their rented apartment because of construction. why did the agent not tell them… and why daytime construction is so damn offensive to tourists…

what i learnt today: that interest rate has been left unchanged – yeehaa!

what i am greatful for: dvds and books!

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