perks of the job

i’m in my element!


as i sit here writing, i am spending a night at the radisson hotel here in cape town. they’ve treated us to cocktails and snacks, followed by a tasty 3 course meal… and my own sea-facing business class room…


it’s one of my favourite hotels in cape town – from an architectural and location point of view – so i’ve always wanted to sepdn some time here.


i’ve been so excited the whole week looking forward to this – not only for the meal and drinks but for the hotel breakfast. and the tv.


as most of you know, i haven’t had a functioning tv in my home for over a year. so, despite being very very happy with not having a tv – i do look forward to it when i am staying somewhere that has one.


and then it got better.


they have german tv!! only 2 channels – pro 7 and 3 sat – but i love watching german tv. for the memories it brings back, for the adverts from a different country, for the news and the programmes.


i love love love watching foreign advertisements.


so i may just end up watching arbitrary television for a few hours J


what bugged me today: making detailed step-by-step itineraries…


what i learnt today: that the lever arch file is 100 years old today


what i am grateful for: some of the perks that this industry does give you

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