eid mubarak

so much in my head all in such a mish mash:


well, eid mubarak to all my muslim friends and happy rosh hashana to my jewish compadres!


had an ok day at work – and discovered that the ‘joules’ will be sa’s own electric car, produced here from 2010. i have 2 years to save – ‘cos i want one! it looks good, and i think it is the way to go J


we had a few interesting discussions over eid dinner tonight, including one on polygamy. what i didn’t know was that there is something called polyandry – where a woman takes more than one husband! i found this on a website of the university of manitoba:


polyandry is a form of polygamy in which one woman is married to several men. it’s occurance is rare and assumes a specific concentration in the himalayan areas of south asia. however, it is sporadically distributed in africa, oceania, and native america. two forms have been recorded: fraternal polyandry in which a group of brothers share a wife, and non-fraternal polyandry in which a woman’s husbands are not related. the nayar case discussed in another section represents a non-fraternal form in the sense that a woman engages in sexual relations and has children with several different men, any of whom may be called upon to acknowledge paternity. fraternal forms are common in the mountainous areas of nepal and tibet. among the tibetian nyinba, brothers live together throughout their life times in large patrilineally constructed households. they share a common estate and domestic responsibilities. they also share a common wife with whom each maintains a sexual relationship. generally, each child of the marriage is acknowledged by and develops a special relationship with one of the possible fathers, even where biological paternity cannot be determined. this arrangement can partially be understood as a response to a shortage of women due to a lower survival rate in comparison to men. it also has important economic implications. since brothers share a wife, their joint estate remains intact from generation to generations and is not subject to the fragmentary and inefficient divisions that might occur if each belonged to a separate conjugal unit (stone 1997:190-192)




my longest standing friend was told today that her rather sickly dad has lung cancer. it’s made me sad, not only because of the pain and suffering he must be feeling. but the thought that she may be losing her dad within 6 to 12 months is just heart-breaking. if i put myself in her shoes – that i was about to lose one of my parents – i don’t know how i would be able to handle it. not very well at all i imagine.


even though i do think about it from time to time, it’s always kind of a hypothetical, far-in-the-distance type of a problem – until this happens to someone you know well.


my thoughts and love are with them.



what bugged me today: the continued realization that my personal financial situation has become tight now too


what i learnt today: that last month was the wettest month in over 50 years in cape town – 141 mm as opposed to an average of 41 mm; that polyandry exists (i had no idea!)


what i am grateful for: that my parents are both still around

what i am afraid of: if sarah palin gets anywhere near the white house. heaven help us all, if she does.

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