wa(l)king the lion

can you believe it is the end of  september already? next month the christmas decorations will probably come out… aaaghhh! it doesn’t even bear thinking about…


anyway, i had such a lekker evening. i resumed an old tradition again, of walking up lion’s head once a week. l.r. joined me, and thanks to him, i made it to the top. i know that if i had been on my own, i would not have gone that far.


going up lion’s head on a week night between work and home is so therapeutic. not only because we connect with good conversation, and listening to each other.


but also because you summit a mountain. you reach a goal. you’re outdoors. you watch a sunset. you watch the city lights come on. you see the lights of the sky go off. you’re making a shift in your mind.


you’re not just work-eat-sleep-work-ing.


it is the most wonderful way to transition from work to home. and it makes me feel great.


combined with left-overs that are ready & waiting when i get home and a long overdue catch-up-call from london with a.k. it becomes an example of an ultimate evening.


i love living in cape town J


what bugged me today: you know, nothing.


what i learnt today: that mozambique has more than 400 species of endemic birds


what i am grateful for: nature on my doorstep

One thought on “wa(l)king the lion

  1. Hate to disappoint you: Go to Clicks and you will see ALL the Christmas decorations out already!

    What I am grateful for? That I didn’t hear any Ch. carols … yet.

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