dinner doodles

i told them that dinner would be at auberge andre from 7.


they both asked – “what is auberge?” –  “where is auberge?” – “is it a restaurant?”


i explained that it was my home, and that i would be making dinner.


they both asked what they could bring.


i told them both that dessert and wine would be great – and that they should chat to each other to co-ordinate.


i was also informed that a portion of pork chops would be brought. this meant that my spaghetti bolognaise became spaghetti baconaise, because i left out the mince, but left in the bacon.


and it turned out very good! (even if i say so myself…)


it’s always nice having good friends over for supper, especially if they ordinarily live 1’500km away, and you don’t see them often.


and it’s just as nice to see the friends that live 3km away, that you see even less often!


but tradition is tradition, and i, for one, love it. so, as we used to have weekly dinners at each other’s homes before one family moved up north, we had to jump at the opportunity while we were all in town together.


so they arrived, the first family, just after 7. dinner was almost done, allowing me to play with the 2 little girls a bit.


they brought dessert – 2 packs of malva pudding and vanilla custard.


while we were catching up, the second family. big hellos and hugs. and the first of many shrieks of joy from the newly arrived little girl and her friends.


they brought dessert too. 2 packs of malva pudding and vanilla custard.


well, at least we wouldn’t run low J


and thence a wonderful evening of catching up began. talking of politics, jobs, sex, parties, the economy in sa. the economy in the usa. the anc. ex loves. children. what to do on the weekend. just a wonderful wonderful time.


and they enjoyed the food.


and the girls asked for paper and pens to be able to draw.


we did more wine.


they did more shrieking.


and when the music and the wine had been replaced by heavy little bodies with closed eyes and shallow breaths, they all went on their way.


and that’s when i found them.


stuck on the fridge with my airbus magnets.


a drawing of a little girl.


and a hand-written note:


i love yeu


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