of bird baths & wedding vows

i’ve had such a beautiful day.


it started with a view of something i’ve been waiting more than a year to see. i opened my curtains, and there, across the driveway, in the garden, a bird was bathing in my birdbath… a smile crept onto my face, which only grew when a second bird took it’s turn after the first. it finally felt like i had a bird friendly garden. not much of a garden, honestly, but at least there were some birds enjoying it!


and then, after treating myself to a luxurious long lie-in with an interesting book, i took a walk down to s & r’s home for a short visit. it’s always so nice to spend with little children, and i took my turn today to help feed 9 month old n.b. he wouldn’t take the food from mom, but i persevered, and made him eat most of it J shame, dad was sick, so i didn’t stay long.


and then it was time to prepare for the wedding. this doesn’t take a hell of a lot of time when you’re a guy, but even i managed to forget to shave, only remember when the nose of the car was already out of the driveway, and the deciding that it is actually better to reverse, shave and depart again.


it’s funny how different parts of one’s life kind of co-exist. a & n got married at zevenwacht today. beautiful setting with the ceremony on the lawns overlooking the lake. it being september, we had a bedouin tent against the rain. it being her wedding day, though, the rain stayed away, thankfully. in her place she sent blue sky. accompanied by icy breeze. i suppose you can’t have everything.


no, the funny thing is, that s & r got married here at zevenwacht a few years ago. that in itself isn’t funny, but the fact that today as well, i was friends with the groom and his ex-girlfriend for a long time, before the wedding. and in both cases i am still friends with the ex as well as the groom and the current / new wife. and both of them had wonderful weddings at zevenwacht. curious.


a lot of people don’t believe me, but i can be chronically shy. especially in an environment where i don’t know anyone. like the wedding today. apart from n & a, i only knew 1 other person. and even him i hadn’t seen in at least 5 years. so i was forced to meet new people and have discussions with them.


it was ok, but it often seems to superficial, doesn’t it? especially how everyone asks, “so, what do you do?” which is a question based on the assumption that you actually enjoy what you do. which always make me wonder how many people actually enjoy what they spend their every-working-day doing. i suspect that less than half of the world’s working population enjoys what they do.


i would much rather ask something along the lines of, “so, what make you tick?” but that often gets met with a blank stare or a sudden recollection on their part of someone they need to call…


don’t get me wrong, it can be fun to meet new people, but it is so predictable how it will proceed. and such it was that at about 9pm i found myself very close to leaving early. but i stuck it out to the end of the music.


they’d done a wonderful variation on a traditional wedding theme. there was the white dress, the bridesmaids and best men, the until-death-do-us-part vows. but there were subtle differences.


for example, we had the cake between the ceremony and the reception. and damn, was that a fine chocolate cake!


the tables too, were not numbered, but rather named after places of importance to the two of them. be it the name of the road he grew up in or an island off madagascar they had a great holiday on, or the name of the complex at which they met, it was a beautiful way to name the tables.


they also added their own words to the ring ceremony, which is something i think should be done by all couples getting married. it personalises a wedding so much, which is what it is all about, isn’t it? this was followed by a.p. re-declaring his love for her during his speech. and giving her a copy of the vows he had written for her 2 years ago already, when he knew they would spend forever together. a few of the ladies at my table were overheard to ask whether he has a single brother – so touched were they by his speech.


they were also very sweet in asking, “did you see our surprise for you?”. because they’d put the only other ay person at the wedding at my table. they aren’t sure of my ‘type’ but it was thoughtful, if a little unusual J


at the end of the day i did stay until the end, and i did dance like nobody was watching. i love that, and while some people find it odd, others like it, and for me it is important to have a good time and enjoy myself to the full. which i did tonight.


i did have a moment of wondering what the purpose of weddings and marriages are, but that is a discussion for another day.



what bugged me today: an sms from a staff member on a saturday asking for monday off, after being off for a week. to enable her to do her washing.


what i learnt today: that i need to curtail my spending – radically!


what i am grateful for: happy gatherings of friends and families

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