politics & fish

another historic day, another lot of news.


the third president of our new democracy has been inaugurated – president kgalema motlanthe. he will be our main man till the next elections in about 6-8 months from now.


and you know what? i already like him!


why? he took our garlic breathed, lemon twisted, beetroot-brained minister of health out of that position. now we can hopefully make some proper headway in the medical department. i can’t say i know much about barbara hogan – but i’m sure she’ll be better than old manto tshabala-msimang.


apart from that, i went to a restaurant launch tonight – 221 waterfront (on the site of the old morton’s on the wharf). they promised us 6 small bite sized tasters of what is on their menu. these tasters were so tiny that we only had 5 of them… they were like proper meals – so we managed to be the first guests to take doggie-bags from 221 J


seriously though, i recommend this restaurant for a special night out – or even just cocktails in front of the largest glass windows in the waterfront.


and i’ve also realized that i can no longer say that i am not a fish person. i’ve just been enjoying too much seafood lately. and tonight i was blown away yet again – we had pangasius. which was described to me as a flaky white vietnamese fish. and boy oh boy, was it good!!!


what bugged me today: nothing, really


what i learnt today: to come to terms with the fact that i am a fish eater


what i am grateful for: having had a good day!


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