happy heritage day!

it wasn’t raffles, but hey. it was still memorable.


i had my first singapore sling today. don’t ask me what’s in it, because i can’t remember. but i do know that it was really good. even better than i had expected.


well, happy heritage day! yep, today was a public holiday here, celebrating our combined heritages (or is it heriti?). i must confess i didn’t really spend much time considering it today though. i think that a lot of people don’t consider why we have a day off – they just take it ‘cos it’s there.


i spent the best part of the day in bed sleeping and resting trying to get rid of the head cold. i really enjoyed it too… just curled up with tea and a book under the duvet.


i finally finished a book that’s very interesting but very long winded. it’s called ‘ripped & torn’ about the research levi’s has done in south america and how amanda (the author and researcher) begins to feel about the role of corporates in society today. how they are not interested in the people they sell to. they say they are, but they aren’t actually. as one guy from pepsi was quoted as saying – ‘yeah, it’s a recession. but as long as each consumer still buys one pepsi each day, my job is done. anyway they can.’


it’s this kind of book that actually touches a nerve in me, and resonates with the part of me that decided in the first year of my marketing studies that i could never be the brand manager of a large fast moving consumer goods corporation. it saddens me how large corporations have taken over culture and shopping habits in all parts of the world. it also saddens me how countries have allowed it to happen. but with promises of this and that, or threats of no longer receiving this or that, people will accept what may not be good.


we risk losing our identity and heritage, if we all eat mcdonalds or steers, and all want to wear levi’s or nike. it is sad that money has so much more power than common sense. (and don’t get me started on ms palin of alaska!!!)


anyway, after finishing that book i went to the cellars for a drink with s.r. and some of her friends. it’s funny how many of my ex-girlfriends have a birthday on a public holiday J


we had a great time – met some new people. some more ‘ordinary’ gay guys, i.e. not so fem, for lack of a better term. it was quite funny, cos s.r, l.m. and i arrived together, and met 2 of her friends in the expansive and beautiful gardens of the cellars-hohenhort. when we walked in we walked past a table with 2 guys and 2 gals at it. and wasn’t the one guy just so incredibly cute… wow… he even smiled at me J


i mentioned this to s.r. and she said she thought i might like the look of him! and true as bob, when j&j arrived, they looked around the restaurant, hung around the water feature for a while (checking out cute boy of course) and then joined us in the lounge. hilarious! i was also introduced to m and her boyfriend s, and quickly informed that all the boys perve him! (and he didn’t seem to mind…). and apart from that and a brief chat about 2 of our coming out stories, there wasn’t really much ‘gay talk’ at all – which was great. very refreshing for me this week.


and follow this up with a dvd with 2 other great friends, accompanied by a home-cooked meal, and you’ve had yourself a great day for change!


what bugged me today: the day being too short is the best i can do


what i learnt today: that a singapore sling is awesome. and that people actually do buy (and pay for) the r36’000 bottles of wine on the wine list. and these are only 500ml bottles…


what i am grateful for: medicines


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