of side-cars!

they didn’t know where to look – up in the sky or across at us… the jet fighter planes shooting across the sky with a thundering noise… or thestrange looking fly-eyed folk trundling along on 1938 black side-car motorbikes…


it was such fun to ride on them – and so much more comfortable than i thought they would be J


it was a so-so day at work, lots of things happening. a good friend of mine resigned today, which hasn’t gone down terribly well, but i remind her that she needs to do what is right for her and not for the company. it’s always easier to give advice to others than to yourself, right?


after a good supper i saw another of the out in africa movies – “shelter” – not quite sure why it is called that, but i really enjoyed it. probably because it starred ‘ordinary’ looking guys that happened to be gay – kinda how i like to see myself.


what bugged me today: stupid stupid errors that members of my team make, and then come to me to fix…


what i learnt today: that a friend i haven’t seen in ages seems to have had a crush on me years ago. pity i didn’t realize she felt that way at the time…


what i am grateful for: preparing for a night in – and using it to prepare for a party!

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