good for the soul

what bliss to switch off my cellphone for 44 hours… to not use my car at all either… to do as i want when i want for as long or as short as i want… aahh…


i’ve had a wonderfully technology free weekend away from everyone and everything. a few years ago i would not have been able to be without my cellphone for that length of time, now it is not an issue.


i left the office at 4 on friday, and slowly drove to the winelands on back roads that i have not used before. i stopped a couple of times en-route, to buy toothbrush and toothpaste which i had forgotten to pack… to buy a bottle of my favourite wine (alto rouge) to savour in my hotel room. it took me almost 2 hours to get there, and once i had checked in, and requested the hotel to change the 2 single beds into a double bed (so i could really laze on a large bed) i went for my first walk into franschhoek.


‘twas in that hour between the daytime restaurants closing and the evening ones opening. ‘twas that hour when the last people are leaving work, and first have started with their friday evening festivities… i found a table at an outdoors café to relax at with my book and a caffe latte… this was to be the first of many outdoor meals this weekend… and set the tone for the next 2 days…


i spent the days between lying on my hotel bed reading … watching some movies on tv … enjoying home-made pancakes at a wooden table under the oak trees at the farmer’s market in town … sipping a g&t while sitting in the sun next to the pool … taking a walk out of town with my camera to photograph whatever presented itself … browsing the bookshops … buying a few books (ok, 6…) …browsing the art galleries … eating pizza with caramelized onions and smoked mozzarella cheese under large trees … deciding what to do … and then changing my mind before i’d attempted it … not thinking about any of the stuff that has been bugging me this week … changing my opinion of franschhoek completely – to one where i actually like the place now … and enjoying the super service in my hotel …


and then my work phone rang.


just as i was trying to finish my book on sunday, about an hour before my pre-negotiated late check-out… clients were in cape town and had not been met … because my dear ex-colleague had not made their bookings…


what an elephantine thump back to reality!


long story short, this brought all the issues that i’d parked in a dark alley for the weekend into a police-like spotlight. it’s now 8 hours later, i’ve seen the clients, and sorted it out (kind of) and have finally finished my book.


it was, though, a wonderful weekend. just what i needed. and thankfully the phone only rang once. near the end.


now, to deal with the issues of work, interview discussions and dates…


what bugged me today: not catching an f-up from my ex-staff member before the clients arrived.


what i learnt today: that complete time out is a great thing for the mind & soul


what i am grateful for: finishing another book J

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