only 98 days left!

till my plane takes off, and heads towards canada… i’m still looking foward to it 🙂

it’s been an indifferent day – apart from an r800 bill from the dentist (after a 20% “pay-now” discount). my sensitive tooth didn’t play up today (doesn’t that always happen!) but he did find a hole to fill in the front – injection, high-pitched drill and all.

i eventually regained feeling in my left nostril at around lunchtime.

other news today?

it seems the new vw golf 6 has been released – quite a bit bigger than the first golf released in the early 80s…

and elizabeth fritzl has spoken out against her demon-father for the first time. telling the judge how he used to torment her and the kids, rape her up to three times and week, and threaten to leave them to die in the cellar if they do not do as he wishes.

“he said he could close the door whenever he wanted and then we would soon see how we survived,” she is supposed to have said.

this man’s actions made me so mad, that when i needed to get angry with a fellow character on stage earlier this year, it was father fritzl’s face i pictured – that worked a charm!

i cannot begin to understand what elizabeth and her children are going through, even now months down the line.

what bugged me today: i only got in at 10h30, but the day draaaaaaaaaaged…

what i learnt today: that 43% of people want an empty seat next to them on the plane. i’m amazed it’s as little as that!

what i am grateful for: a wonderful family

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