which is bigger – brazil or the usa?

is the usa a lot bigger than brazil? this is a debate i had this evening with someone who was planning on touring brazil by bus in the not-too-distant future. when i advised that i had had the same thoughts in 2000 until i discovered that brazil is roughly the same size as the usa.


this ‘fact’ was hotly disputed – which prompted me to access google on my cellphone and find out what the area size of these 2 countries are: (rounded off)

brazil – 8’500’000 sq km; usa – 9’800’000


at which point the debate changed slightly – “well, so they’re not the same size” – no, they’re not, but brazil is damn near enough in size to the usa to make exploring either country by bus a much more time consuming project than one initially thinks…


i rest my case – and allow the others to surreptitiously change their own goal posts in order to make themselves  feel better J i do like a good debate!!


apart from waking up with a hangover, today turned out to be a fantastic day… in the morning i called l.r. and we went to visit the very popular “old biscuit mill” complex and neighbourhood organic market in woodstock. despite it being 2 years old, neither of us had ever been. the market is set in a complex that has a few overpriced décor type shops. the organic market itsel was totally different to what i expected, i was thinking i would find wooden trestles with fresh carrot bunches and heads of cauliflower on it – a la the markets you see in smaller towns in germany on wednesdays and saturdays. but this was the yuppie version – and i certainly had the feeling that it was a “because we can afford to be down to earth” feel. and it was soooo busy! i don’t like crowds on saturday mornings, which is why i avoid shopping centres on these mornings, and this was very busy. l.r. wasn’t phased by it, but i won’t rush back. except to see the gorgeous guys that do brave the crowds…


after that i took my motorbike back home – it being a super sunny day i’d been travelling on 2 wheels – packed for the my night out, and went for a run on the promenade. it wasn’t a really long or even good run, but it was followed by a barefoot lunch. i love walking barefoot when the sun is shining and the weather is good. i find it sad that some people think it is ‘unhealthy’ or ‘dirty’ – it feels so liberating and good on the sole & soul.


then i checked into the president hotel where i am spending the night. i relaxed, read, snoozed, and then l.r. and m.g. came for cocktails at about 5 – just continuing the theme of relaxing today… after that i was going to a birthday party, and needed to eat something on the way. but i suddenly felt lazy… checked out the room service menu… and in no time had treated myself to a meal delivered to my room, while i was watching a thriller on tv… of course, that’s been a great treat in itself. not having tv at home means i am watching it even now… J


had a wonderful evening at the birthday party, and now hope to get a good sleep in before the hotel breakfast i have been waiting for all week!


now this is what weekends are meant to be like, isn’t it? 


what bugged me today: client phone calls


what i learnt today: just how bad the hurricane season has been at the moment…


what i am grateful for: room service!

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