power failures are wonderful!

oh shit, i forgot so switch on the outside light before i left this morning…


oh. maybe the light bulb has blown. but these new bulbs are supposed to last a long time…


oh, is my electricity off?


that was my home-coming yesterday, when i was looking forward to enjoying the home-cmade gnocchi… but as the whole street was without power i had to… order pizza! (small price to pay…)


i was actually totally excited – i love power failures. must be linked to my love of going to the roughest places you can find – being completely out of your comfort zone, and not being able to rely on the creature comforts we take for granted.


so i had pizza by candle-light, reading about the genocide.


and i get to enjoy the gnocchi tonight with a garlic tomato sauce with beef strips… can you smell it simmering… mmmhh…


i had a crap day. don’t worry – the music and red wine are helping to rectify it.


with my staff member leaving yesterday, and 2 new people to train and a colleague away for a week, a lot is coming my way. and i find i stress and lose control when i have so many demands on me at the same time. of course, i need to work on passing things on to others (some call it delegation, i sometimes worry if it isn’t a boomerang) but i am also aware of how busy the others in my team are. and i don’t wanna overload them. anyway – i need to learn. again.


oh! and then there was the case of the no-response from the company i have paid a deposit to to automate my gate… i paid them yesterday – and you’d think that by now someone would have called to say – thanks we got your money, and we’ll contact you in a day or two to arrange installation.


but no – i had to call them – they gave me a number of their other branch to call (!!?!) – and i graciously flipped at them. maybe they’ll get the message. i’m just hoping they’ll give me my remotes after they install it this week ; – )


(is it really sooo hard to give decent service?)


what bugged me today: a feeling of not coping


what i learnt today: that remaining calm while crapping on someone can have a partially desired outcome


what i am grateful for: music – and remembering it’s positive effect when i listen to it!

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