of rwanda and resignations

i can’t resist a good book sale… especially if it is a 4 for r100 special… i find myself telling myself,  “andré, you shouldn’t” at the same time as, ”mmhh, this looks interesting/fun/whatever”.

i came across such a book sale today, and one of the 4 books i bought is entitled “season of blood”, with a subtitle of “a rwandan journey”. it looks like a fascinating account of a journalist’s time in rwanda covering the genocide in 1994.

so i had to find 3 more books – they won’t sell just one, and for the same price i get 3 others too. and i did find them.

i saw the movie hotel rwanda a few years back, and was so struck by it that i didn’t speak for a solid 10 minutes afterwards. it really brought to life the atrocities that occurred in the same year – hell, same month – as our historic first elections in south africa. it made me see very vividly how cruel one group of people can be to another. yes, we have had similar things in our country, but this was different.

ever since then i have had a fascination with this genocide – something that happened in my life time, that i can remember hearing about on the news, but never really, truly understood. and now through the movie and this book (and 2 or 3 others i have on my shelf) i want to get an understanding of what actually happened. and this is best done through the experiences of several people – the journalist in “season of blood” or the un officer in “shaking hands with the devil” or personal stories in “we wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families”.

i read a portion of this booking at lunch time today – not the best thing to read while attempting a turkey sandwich when you consider one of the opening quotes – a statement from radio mille collines in rwanda, “the grave is only half full. who will help us fill it?”. fascinating and terrifying all in one go. i am looking forward to spending some time in the book though.

and, in news unrelated to the above, my “awol” staff member resigned today. ‘nuff said about that. the search for a new consultant begins.

what bugged me today: having end-of-employment discussions with other human beings

what i learnt today: that another staff member is converting to islam – which involves a change of name. somehow i had not entirely understood that, not having met a convert to islam before.

what i am grateful for: home-made gnocchi for supper!

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