of stormy seas and waterproof plugs

they say that this is the strongest storm we’ve had in a while – and it certainly sounded like it! the continuous hard rain and strong wind woke me up at least 4 or 5 times during the night, which combined with 3 work calls before 09h00 (on a sunday!) left me feeling a little displeased with the start of the day. i’d planned on having a relaxing day reading, but i’ve barely had time to fit in a few pages today.


after giving up on sleeping in, i went to the hardware store to get all the supplies to fit my waterproof plug. they’re coming to automate the drive-in gate this week, and they need that plug. so i got the wire, the pvc piping, the actual plug, the waterproof box, couplings & pvc glue. it’s certainly convenient having a hardware store 4 doors down…


l.r. came over for brunch, and then we took a drive to mouille point to go and see the swell swells – and we were not disappointed! massive waves, lots of foam on the water, sprayed onto the road, covering the passing cars, staining our clothes. i took so many photos, and wa so grateful for my new camera (canon eos 400d) – that it can take so many good quality shots in a row – allowed me to get some beautiful wave-crashing pics. the forces of nature are really remarkable – and i love being in the midst of it. really really love it.


i spent the afternoon doing the wire-in-a-pipe-across-the-lawn bit to fit the plug. of course i had to dash indoors every once in a while when the rains came, but i seldom had to wait long before i could go out again, so i did manage to finish it.


my dad and i had a chat about me doing all these diy things – i love building shelves, doing home repairs or installations myself as much as possible. the easy answer is that i am stingy, and don’t want to pay someone else. but that’s not 100% accurate – i have paid people to do stuff i can’t do. but if it is easy enough to work out how to do (perhaps with the advice of some experienced friends) i’d rather do it myself so i know how, and can have a sense of satisfaction. and besides, the more i don’t pay others, the more money i have left to be able to do even more things…


tonight i went to the masque theatre where they had a “thank you to the volunteers” evening – which was lovely. nice to see how there are so many people out there giving of their time and energy – freely and without pay – to the world of amateur theatre. good on ya!



what bugged me today: feeling blue, when i was looking forward to a nice day – probablydue to lack of sleep and eating poorly. as i tend to do on weekends. i do wish there was a pill i could pop instead of having to eat 3 times a day…


what i learnt today: how to install an outside plug!


what i am grateful for: cameras

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