so far so good!

today has started off very positively. mainly, i think, because i was so productive last night!

i tackled the piles of paper that collect on flat surfaces all around the house, and got some order to them. so that in the next instalment i can start filing, putting into newly created spaces (i.e. hang up shelves) and get some sense of clarity to my spare room.

it is best to tackle this job in stages, instead of daunting oneself with expecting to get it all done in one fell swoop – and i made a good dent last night.

i also caught up on some correspondence i’ve been meaning to do, and got in a little reading.

so i was in a good space this morning – and still am when i don’t think about the a**hole in the 4×4 that cut in front of me in the traffic, after i had been waiting patiently for 30 minutes… anyway, so be it i suppose.

long may the smiles last!

p.s. i hit 100 views today 🙂

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