another lazy sunday afternoon…

aah, another lazy sunday afternoon…


l.r. and i went to fish hoek for a (very) late lunch today… the chicken took a little longer than planned to get done, so we ate about 2 hours late. i was sitting outside on the jungle gym chatting to almost-6-year-old k.r., while he was telling me why he preferred the one dog over the other, as 6 year olds can do, when i had a brainwave. it was so nice in the sun, and it would be such a pity to sit inside for ounch. so, on my suggestion we moved the dining table and chairs into the garden – and i think all enjoyed the opportunity to dine al fresco. the weather played along too – waiting until we had all finished eating before it rained on us! interesting to see that glasses of wine were rescued before wooden chairs J


we had dessert indoors next to the fire – and continued our lazy chatting, debating, and catching up. just a lekker lazy sunday afternoon.


which was a wonderful follow up to the lots-of-laughter curry evening i had for c.m.’s birthday last night – i always have a great time there.


and no i sit in my lounge, frantically trying to make a fire in the fire place. i’ve never been great at making one, and this is no exception… and to make it worse, even though i cleaned the chimneys after the last fire, i still am getting more smoke in the room than flames in the hearth… i don’t know what to do anymore… ‘cos i really do love a good fire – help!


and i pondered this weekend on how it’s been 6½ months since i came out to family and friends, and i still haven’t met anyone. i’m not sure sometimes whether to be worried about that or not. i yearn for closeness with another, but i am still not sure who or how… or where to meet them him… i s’pose i must be patient.



what bugged me today:  not getting a fire right


what i learnt today: that women really are unpredicatable (i may explain another time)


what i am grateful for: sunday afternoons – they used to be my least favourite, but now they’re the best

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