of roads and restaurants

one wonders what the powers that be were thinking… if in fact they were thinking at all..


near the new stadium in green point, there is some road aligning going on. quite necessary i’m sure to handle the upcoming increase in traffic in the area for the locally played games of the 2010 soccer world cup…


but then they did something i don’t understand…. the western boulevard was always linked to the stadium and to main road by a large traffic circle.


this link to main road has now been moved about 500m further down the road, in line with the road alignment, and here they have built a massively confusing traffic light-controlled intersection… which seems to be causing quite some chaos…


now, i am not one to sing the praises of everything british, but they have learnt the value of traffic circles. they keep the traffic flowing!


… yet someone in our local authority seems to be in love with traffic lights… which in my experience only leads to more traffic congestion and more road rage… i’d love to understand what happened behind the scenes here…


lest i am told how negative i am, i can tell you that my brother and m and i went to a restaurant last night i’ve been wanting to go to for so long. the cedar restaurant – lebanese cuisine in sea point. it’s not a fancy place, but the flavour of the food was so good… i’m not a fan of cabbage, but this was good! we all really enjoyed it, and i was certainly surprised at how much i loved the food. as always, we had a wonderful time out together J


and now, i’m off on my motorbike adventure!!


what bugged me today:  nothing at all!


what i learnt today: that we can have management meetings that are only 15 minutes long…


what i am grateful for: the anticipation of adventure

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