only the best steaks ever!

i’m so excited, i’m off to the wooden shoe in sea point tonight… for a steak. they do the very best steaks i have ever had. ever.


it’s (apparently) the oldest steak house in cape town, it’s not the smartest place around, but you cannot beat their meat.


in fact, myself and 2 friends went there one night, purely by chance, and purely because it does look slightly ‘dodgy’ from the outside. we were so surprised we’ve been going back ever since J


i had some luck with my quest to have myself removed from future unsolicited calls and mailings. i called the company that the da had named, and spoke to them, and he promised to get back to me with the contact details. he even phoned back to say he can’t get hold of the right guy.


i then googled direct marketing south africa and came across exactly what i need!


so, if you want to have yourself put on the “do not contact” list that direct marketers must run their lists against (by law) you can do so here:


and lastly, i need to ask you all to call on any higher being that you can, to ensure that we have no rain between cape town and villiersdorp on friday or saturday. sheldon and i are taking our motorbikes for a little trip. once a year he and i go away for the weekend. it’s the 6th annual trip now it think. it’s been curtailed to only 1 night due to the arrival of their first baby in december last year, but 1 night is better than none J i’m so excited to be riding out there!


what bugged me today: agh, nothing to write about


what i learnt today: that the border of france is about 5-10 minutes from geneva… i had no idea iot was that close.


what i am grateful for: spätzle & steak – and to be having it tonight!!


6 thoughts on “only the best steaks ever!

  1. 1 Thanks for the link!!!
    2 Ah (Geneva), you also didn’t know that Texasville was in Texas … 😉
    3 SPAETZLE and steak??????

  2. i’m sure that texasville is in texas, and in many other parts of the world. it’s a book. texas city is what you’re referring to….

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